About Alexandria (from Wikipedia)

Alexandria Located along the western bank of the Potomac River, Alexandria is approximately 7 miles (11 km) south of downtown Washington, D.C. Like the rest of Northern Virginia, modern Alexandria has been influenced by its proximity to the U.S. capital. It is largely populated by professionals working in the federal civil service, in the U.S. military, or for one of the many private companies which contract to provide services to the federal government. 

Old Town – City of Alexandria

The historic center of Alexandria is known as “Old Town”. With its concentration of boutiques, restaurants, antique shops and theaters, it is a major draw for all who live in Alexandria as well for visitors. Like Old Town, many Alexandria neighborhoods are compact and walkable. It is the 7th largest and highest-income independent city in Virginia. Old Town is comprised of many neighborhoods. North Old Town is closest to D.C.. It is not in the historic district. There is the SE Quadrant (Yates Gardens), SW Quadrant, West Side-King St Metro (Carlyle), Braddock Metro/Parker Gray area, and the Historic District. So, when you say “Old Town” that can mean a lot of different areas when it comes to real estate. 

Alexandria – Fairfax County areas

A large portion of adjacent Fairfax County mostly south, but also west of the city is named “Alexandria,” but it is under the jurisdiction of Fairfax County and separate from the city; the city is sometimes referred to as the City of Alexandria to avoid confusion. The boundaries of Alexandria go from the Potomac River, West to Annandale, North to Arlington, SouthWest to Springfield, South to Fort Belvoir and Lorton. It is a very large area that takes sometimes 30 minutes+ to go from one end to the other. There are many lovely neighborhoods in Alexandria. Many families move to this part of Alexandria for the large yards, larger homes, and school systems.

Get the Community Information You Need

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